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DEWANSTUDIO.COM is a company which is engaged in Information Technology specially in Web and Mutimedia development. Founded by Denni Irawan at 2005, since then we already grown up and never stop improvement And consistantly give fully services and solution to our precious clients. In 2013 Dewan Studio has a new funding Capital from IT Company who spesialized in Internet Banking. This merger make DS to become bigger in other to fullfill client's needs As like Our Vision " We Grow Up Together " this means it's our responsibility not only to develop but also to grow bigger with our clients as well


dewan studio services

As a Developer Company, we always add some new services and follow the technology. We also using some platform depend client’s need. We are also familiar using Top- Tier Third Party Integration. This is includes social media services such as: Google, Facebook, Twitter and payment services. Our teams have strongly experience in Payment Getaway Aplication As the technology and life style change in dinamic ways, we also provided Mobile Website and Mobile Aplication.


We are not only developing, but also create an inovation and artistic design . Digital Marketing Online and Maintenance website is our concern too, so the website can be a maximum as a means of promotion. We also provide company profile, digital printing, video training ,brochure and many more



To develop website with artistic design is our concern too. Our visual design are made specially with clients need, depend on their srategy marketing. Our work include desain can be custom or template. Concept development, design guide, animation and many more. We believed we have strong commitment to create the best design with the highest value


We can develop an easy website with user friendly CMS. Most our services are build customized CMS tailored depent client' need. But open source such as Joomla, wordpress can be one an optional choices too. Our programmer are expert in HTML, JavaScript, Flash, AJAX and ASP along with other programming code, work in multi-browser compatibility, quick loading time and user friendly to maintain.


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Website maintenance is an activity which is designed to keep a website running smoothly. It may be done on a regular basis, or scheduled as needed. One reason to perform website maintenance is to update. It is important to keep information up to date, and to make sure that the systems used to run the website are also current. Having the latest programs on the backend will keep the website more secure, in addition to allowing people to keep up with changes. It will also improve user experience on the site, which can be very valuable for sites which want to build and retain large user bases.


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